Google will use your name and photo to endorse products

Google has recently made an interesting change to its terms of service making all comments, +1s and follows to be used as ‘shared endorsements’. In simple words, the aforementioned item review methods can now be used to target your friends and get them to buy products you like on the web.

When any of your friend is searching for a product on Google Search or checking information on a certain establishment on Google Maps, your reviews will be at the center of his/her results further persuading them into making a particular choice.

These new changes won’t take place until November 11th, and users under the age of 18 will automatically be opted out of this new advertising program. People who chose not to share their +1s with friends and others will also be opted out of the program and the information will not be used for advertisement purposes.


This is not something new, we have seen a similar advertisement format being used by Facebook since a long time. Google further wants all of its users to be aware of this change before it takes effect. In simply words they will be using Google+ to do the same thing Facebook has been doing for years.

I don’t seen any complications with this, and it would certainly be interesting to see how this new advertisement format works out for businesses. Those who wish to opt out from this can simple visit the ‘Shared Endorsements‘ page and to know more about the updated terms of service you can visit this link.

Source: The Verge

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