OmniROM is an open ROM for Android devices

A new custom Android ROM is currently under development and it is called OmniROM. The work here is done to fill the hole which has been left by CyanogenMod and it is being built by a team of some well-known Android custom ROM developers.

The famous CyanogenMod which was once an open ROM for Android devices, fueled by community-driven creation by Google’s open source platform has now moved on to become a much commercial product, disappointing many Android fans.

This new team of developers want to create a new custom version of Android which will be based on the Android Open Source Project and provide customizations, performance tweaks, and apps, from a user-powered community environment.

OmniROM, a new open source Android ROM has been designed to run on the latest Google Nexus smartphones and tablets, it will also run on a few other devices from Sony and Oppo.

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