In the Land of Kings [Rajasthan]

It is a amazing thing to be a human in this world full of life and rich with beauty. I believe the only way to experience the diversity, the vastness and the riches of this world is to travel, not as a tourist but travel as a person ready to learn from various ideas and cultures of people from different parts of this planet. My views on traveling and its importance can wait as this post is about The Land of Kings – Rajasthan.

I never expected such a great time in Rajasthan, in fact I never liked the place and believed it to be packed with desert gypsies, cunning businessmen and people mentally trapped in richness on its past. I was wrong!

Rajasthan is full of surprises, the people of this region have endured and created beauty in a land where nature can get quite atrocious for everything that lives. It is a huge contrast with the exotic palaces of the Maharajas and the folk tales of the wandering gypsies. It is a land of deserts and jungles while the people live around dynamic colors and prosperous cultures. Rajasthan is a treat for artists and a exotic location for travelers from all parts of the world.

In my experience it felt really safe, it was easy on my pocket and well connected across and beyond. The food was great at the start, but later everything tasted the same and I lost all interest in the cuisine. That is not a big problem as other cuisines are as easily available in most cities.

I hope this suffices as an introduction of the Land of Kings. In the next post I will try and cover the stuff I carried in my bags as well as the expenses for a months travel in Rajasthan.

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