LG to unveil a 6-inch flexible display smartphone next month [Rumor]

We have been witnessing flexible display technology for quite some time, we have seen it in action at many trade shows, but a consumer grade device has always been a farfetched though. But that might soon change, as LG is rumored to unveil a flexible display smartphone next month.

LG showed off its flexible display technology earlier at SID, and apparently they have a device known as the G Flex which will sport this technology. It is rumored to be a 6-inch smartphone with a curve screen.

A certain person familiar with the company’s launch plans, told CNET that the device will be announced in November, and provided a low resolution sketch of the rumored smartphone which has a curved design.

While it is expected to boast a flexible display, ‘curved’ is the term which is being used for the design. If there is such an device then we can only expect LG will officially announce it next month as it has been rumored to be so.

Update: LG G Flex, the smartphone with a curved glass display shows up in press renders


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