Xbox One Compatibility Program will Receive Long Awaited Game Franchise

It looks like Xbox One Backwards Compatibility fans are in for a great treat. Microsoft’s Phil Spencer who is the head of Xbox recently confirmed that Fable Anniversary is being worked on right now. This is amazing news since Fable Anniversary is one of the greatest Xbox 360 games and Xbox fans have been requesting this game to be introduced in the Backwards Compatibility program for a long time.

Phil Spencer

As previously mentioned, Phil Spencer is the head of Xbox and he personally confirmed that Fable Anniversary will be added to the Backwards Compatibility program. Phil Spencer was asked by a fan on Twitter the following question: “Hey Phil, can we expect Fable anniversary to go backwards compatible with Xbox One any time soon? I have been waiting for ages”. To which Phil Spencer replied the following: “This should come, it’s being worked on now”.

Xbox One Backwards Compatible Program

The reason why Microsoft finally started working to make Fable Anniversary compatible with Xbox One is because over 34,000 fans voted for this to happen. Although, we must give credit to Microsoft for continuously updating the program with new games almost every month. In fact, the program now contains over 400 games.

This program is essential for Xbox One fans since they were former Xbox 360 owners and this program gives them the ability to replay their favorite game franchises. Some of the greatest games to come on Xbox One because of this program are Call of Duty Modern Warfare, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and Batman: Arkham City.

Now that we know Microsoft is working on Fable Anniversary, the other game franchise that Xbox One fans really want is Halo. In fact, the Halo games are some of the most popular Xbox 360 games ever made and Xbox is certainly going to bring them to the program. Sadly, we can’t know when that will happen.

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