Two iPhone X Features that Make it Worth $999

This Tuesday Apple left the entire world in awe when it unveiled its new iPhone X. This is the most technologically advanced smartphone that Apple has ever made and it completely revolutionizes the iPhone lineup. The smartphone features a gorgeous edge-to-edge panel that uses OLED technology and it has been priced at $999. While the price might sound a tad too expensive, iPhone X makes up for that with its amazing features. With that being said, let’s take a look at the three most impressive things about iPhone X.

Face ID

We have to start with Face ID since this feature makes feel like the future is here. In order to equip iPhone X with a sleek looking 5.8-inch panel, Apple had to compromise on the Touch ID button. Obviously, Apple didn’t want to follow in Samsung’s footsteps and place the fingerprint sensor on the rear side of the smartphone and decided to develop a special facial recognition software instead.

Face ID is truly innovative and its way better than Samsung’s Retina scan. The reason we are saying this is because Apple’s Face ID is capable of scanning the iPhone owner’s face from different angles so that it automatically unlocks once owners pick it up in their hands. Moreover, Face ID makes use of iPhone X’s A11 Bionic chipset and it keeps a record of what the owner looks like everyday. Therefore, Face ID will be able to tell when the owner grows a bear or changes his haircut as an example.

New Animojis

Even though smartphones were basically invented so that people can call whoever they want, when they want, nowadays people tend to text more often than actually place calls. Emojis play an important role in texting and Apple knows that too well. Therefore, iPhone X will feature a bunch of new Animojis which allow the user to scan his or hers face and record their reactions which are then embedded on an emoji.

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