‘Star Wars: Episode 7’ Leaks Appear Online, Hint for a Possible Release?

divThere are much fuss about “Star Wars 7”, because it has been hit by many ‘leaks’. Images from the sets, the Millennium Falcon, the new villain and some details of the plot of the move have been revealed to the fans. The movie is set to be released on 18th December, 2015.


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One of the first leaks that appeared online is from the set, showing the planet Tatooine. The leak appeared on TMZ, and it shows that the director has chosen live action over a computer animation.

The next thing that appeared online are the details of the plot. Traditionally, the new “Star Wars” movie will start with a text, explaining the content and the plot of the movie.

According to some reports, the text crawl will end with a giant hand floating in space. The hand will eventually hold a light saber and fall on a desert planet.

In the movie, Daisy Ridley and John Boyega discover the light saber and eventually find out that it belongs to Luke Skywalker.

They go on a journey in order to find and meet Luke, Han Solo and Chewbacca. Meanwhile, villains are developing the deadly weapon on an ice planet. As said, this weapon will be able to destroy the whole solar system. The new main villain will be a Sith Inquisitor, while the movie will also feature Darth Vader and Darth Sidious.

The director of the movie, J.J. Adams said on denied via his Twitter profile that the Millennium Falcon will be featured in the movie. He also wants the further leaks to stop.

On the other hand, some pictures of the Millennium Falcon appeared online. The images posted on Mintinbox show the interior of the legendary spaceship. The plot of the seventh installment of the movie is set 30 years after episode 6.

Some of the main actors from the original trilogy will also appear in this movie, including Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill.

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