PlusCoin and DS Plus are Revolutionizing Cryptocurrency Payments

The most talked about subject in the world right now is cryptocurrency. The digital coin market keeps growing in value every day. For example, Bitcoin which is the most popular currency recently hit the $5,000 milestone. However, the reason we are talking about cryptocurrencies today is because DS Plus plans to team with PlusCoin and bring cryptocurrency payment to every major venue in the world.

DS Plus

The only problem that venues have with cryptocurrencies is that they don’t really understand it. However, this is where DS Plus will come in. DS Plus is the market leader in mobile customer loyalty programs and its new app has already gained over one million Android and iOS downloads. The app allows people to pay for items and services through cryptocurrencies.


Now that we’ve went over the importance of DS Plus, we need to talk about PlusCoin because it’s an essential factor in DS Plus’s success. PlusCoin is the first currency that’s specially developed to make cryptocurrency more user friendly. PlusCoin will become the normal go-to currency for daily use. Moreover, PlusCoin’s ICO is scheduled to start on September 10th and it will last until November 10th. In addition, the pre-sale was a huge success and the upcoming three stages of the ICO are expected to go even better.

Cashback System

There are many things that make PlusCoin such a great digital currency but the most important one of them is the cashback system. PlusCoin will make it possible for partner enterprises such as McDonalds and Starbucks for example, to rapidly increase their sales percentages through this new cashback marketing strategy. The cashback system basically rewards customers with 1-2 % percent of the item or service’s initial price. This system will undoubtedly help PlusCoin partners gain more customers than usual thus increasing their ales.

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