Pixel 2 Leak Confirms Lack of Headphone Jack and Dual-Camera Setup

Pixel 2 is coming out on October 4th. This date was tipped directly by Google when it started putting up billboards all over Boston advertising Pixel 2’s launch date. Even though the Android parent decided to unveil the smartphone’s launch date, Google didn’t want to reveal any other important information such as the device’s design, hardware specs or what type of display technology it will use.

Pixel 2

Fortunately for us and other eager Android fans, Artem Russakovskii who is the founder of Android Police managed to get his hands on the Verizon edition of Pixel 2. We are lucky that Artem Russakosvkii is among the first people to get their hands on Google’s upcoming flagship because he leaked out everything that’s important about it.

Squeezable Assistant

Even though Google is the company that’s in charge of Pixel 2, HTC is the one manufacturing it. Therefore, many rumors were pointing towards the fact that Pixel 2 will feature HTC’s trademark squeezable feature that can be seen on HTC U11. Well, it seems like this rumor has proven to be true since Artem Russakovskii confirmed Pixel 2 features pressure sensitive sides which can be used to launch Google Assistant.

No Headphone Jack

Ever since Apple removed the classic 3.5mm audio jack from iPhone 7, people started rumoring that Google is going to do the same. Sadly, this is true. Pixel 2 will not ship with a headphone jack and people will need to purchase an extra set of wireless headphones.

No Dual Camera Setup

Taking in consideration the fact that all major flagships such as Galaxy Note 8, iPhone 8 and even the upcoming Huawei Mate 10 Pro feature a rear mounted dual camera setup, one would assume that Pixel 2 will also be equipped with a similar setup. Well, it looks this isn’t the case here since Google is confident that its singular lens camera is still capable of snapping high quality pictures.

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