Nexus 6P Affected by Google’s Policy Change Regarding Out of Warranty Replacements

We have some bad news for Nexus 6P owners. It seems like Google decided to make a change in its policy regarding out-of-warranty replacements. This affects the Nexus 6P community the most since the smartphone is infamous for being bugged with the dreaded bootloop mode which renders it useless. This piece of information was confirmed in an email from an official Google official. Although, the Google employee didn’t want his name to be disclosed.

Nexus 6P Replacements

Nexus 6P is an all-round great device, but there’s a major problem with it. The smartphone is plagued by the bootloop mode which basically turns it into paperweight. Considering that the smartphone was launched back in 2015, most units have voided their warranty. Therefore, owners of malfunctioning Nexus 6P devices don’t have any other option than to ask Google for a replacement.

Pixel XL

What’s interesting is that numerous Nexus 6P owners are reporting that they sent their devices to Google for repair and received a brand new Pixel XL instead. This is why there’s so much controversy regarding Google’s recent policy change. The Android parent is just not being fair to the Nexus 6P community since it replaced some devices with new Pixel XL units and not it doesn’t want to replace anymore others.

Official Statement

While this information comes directly from an email that’s been sent by a Google employee, the Android parent still has to confirm it. Let’s hope that Google notices the controversy that surrounds this policy change and decides to keep on replacing malfunctioning Nexus 6P units with Pixel XLs.

Huawei Involvement

Huawei is the company that provided Google with the hardware parts for Nexus 6P. Therefore, people would expect Huawei to step in and offer free replacements or at least repairs. Sadly, this isn’t the case at all since Huawei doesn’t want to take the blame for this issue. In fact, Huawei is charging as much as $250 to replace or repair malfunctioning Nexus 6P units.

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