Microsoft says Kinect will come to India soon after International Launch

The motion/gesture controlled Microsoft Kinect is one device we are totally excited about. Microsoft has already announced the launch date of the device for the US and European markets which is 4th November and 10th November respectively and we have something really great for all those Indians who are going crazy about Kinect.

Recently, along with the Indian launch of the new 250 GB Xbox 360 Microsoft had mentioned that they will be taking a lot of interest in the growing Indian market and will do their best to deliver the best of gaming and entertainment experience to the Indian consumers. Following this, Microsoft threw a brilliant launch party for Halo Reach where they invited gamers to try out the new game.

At the Halo Reach Launch we had a few words with Ashim Mathur, Director Marketing for Microsoft India amongst many other things we asked him about the Kinect and its arrival in India. It is confirmed that the Kinect will be available by the end of this year, my guess is that it will be sometime in late November. Ashim also mentioned that Microsoft India is really working hard on getting the device to the Indian consumers as fast as possible and there is nothing to worry as they do consider India as a potential market.

This is really great and here is what I think Microsoft should be doing to increase the penetration in the Indian markets. The most important source from which Indians get excited about a certain product is through TV commercials as internet penetration is not really great in the country. I seriously think that India would be a great market for the Kinect and to make it possible the Microsoft Kinect will have to make a TV appearance as that would be the only way to get non-geeky and the non-gamer crowd interested in the product.

Anyways, stay in touch and we will keep you updated as usual.

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