LG Optimus Pro Coming to India, Available for Pre-Order on Flipkart

Apparently, the LG Optimus Pro is on its way to the Indian market as online retailer Flipkart is already taking pre-orders for the device and it is expected to start shipping in the third week of September.The LG Optimus Pro will go up against the recently launched Motorola Fire and the Samsung Galaxy Pro which has existed in the market for quite a long time.

The LG Optimus Pro is powered by an 800 MHz Qualcomm MSM7227 processor and runs Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread. It has a 2.8-inch display (240 x 320 pixel resolution), a QWERTY keypad, 3.15 megapixel camera with video recording at 24 fps, 256MB Ram and includes a 1500 mAh battery. It is priced at 9,990 INR at Flipkart.

One thought on “LG Optimus Pro Coming to India, Available for Pre-Order on Flipkart”

  1. LG Optimus Pro and Motorola Fire are two Android 2.3 powered phones released in the last two days. The phones share similar launch dates and whole lot of other things too. Both the phones have the same form factor of touch+ type with a 2.8 inch touch screen and a full QWERTY keypad, both are powered by Android 2.3 and both are priced in the same price range 5K-10K.

    LG Optimus Pro and Motorola Fire are so closely competing with each that it is hard to pick a winner. But we looked at the subtle differences to come out with a winner. Read the rest of the post to find out. 


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