LG Nexus 5X: Keeps On Going Strong Despite Google’s Wishes

Nearly three years have passed since Nexus 5X first hit the market and surprisingly, Nexus 5X owners are still not ready to give their smartphone up. It all started when Google got together with LG and designed Nexus 5X. The device managed to gather a loyal following ever since and Google is still struggling to get rid of the Nexus brand.

Nexus or Pixel

Why is Google trying to get rid of the Nexus brand? Well, the answer is fairly simple. The Android parent wants the Nexus fan base to switch over to its newer Pixel flagship smartphone. This sounds easy in theory, especially since Pixel features some of the best mobile hardware parts ever made, but things aren’t going according to Google’s plan.

Nexus 5X owners have grown accustomed to their daily drivers and they are not willing to give it up so easy. Although, the question that remain is if Nexus 5X is still worth it? Almost three years have passed since the smartphone was released and its hardware specs are outdated. Things get even worse since Google won’t be releasing anymore additional software patches to it.

End of an Era

It’s safe to say that Nexus 5X had a good run until now, but things are about to change since Pixel 2 is days away from being unveiled. Pixel 2 is scheduled to come out on October 4th and it will hold the tile of being Google’s flagship device. Therefore, the smartphone will be packed with high-end specs and a constant stream of software updates.

With that being said, Pixel 2’s arrival can be considered as the end of the Nexus era. Let’s hope Google comes up with a plan which allows Nexus 5X owners to trade in their device for a hefty Pixel 2 discount because otherwise, Nexus 5X will keep on living.

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