iPhone X, iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus – What Sets Them Apart?

The entire world was surprised to see that Apple decided to release not one, but three iPhones during its latest event. While the spotlight fell on iPhone X, Apple also revealed iPhone 8 and the larger Plus variant. The Cupertino based tech giant is claiming that the only reason it launched the innovative looking iPhone X is to commemorate ten years since Steve Jobs launched the first iPhone. Nonetheless, let’s check out some key differences between these smartphones and see what sets them apart.


First off, the biggest difference between iPhone X and iPhone 8 is their price. Obviously, iPhones are not known for being cheap but iPhone X sets a new standard. This smartphone is priced at $999 which makes it the most expensive smartphone that Apple ever made. On the other hand though, iPhone 8 is also not cheap but it costs less than iPhone X being priced at $699 while the Plus variant costs $799.

Size and Display

iPhone 8 measures in at 4.7-inch while the larger and more expensive variant offers a 5.5-inch panel. However, iPhone X is even bigger than iPhone 8 Plus since it features a 5.8-inch screen. Although, we should mention that while owning a large smartphone might enhance gaming and media experiences, it’s not always comfortable to maneuver with one hand. Therefore, customers are the ones who need to choose between size and appearance or comfort and maneuverability.

Face ID and Touch ID

The biggest difference between these smartphones is Face ID and Touch ID. iPhone X features a truly innovative bezel less design that forced Apple to develop a special facial recognition software. Therefore, iPhone X can be simply unlocked just by picking it up. On the other side of the spectrum, iPhone 8 and the Plus variant don’t feature bezel less displays and they still ship with Apple’s trademark Touch ID fingerprint scanner.

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