iPhone 5 is Coming, Are You Ready to Ditch Your iPhone 4?

As we all know, the long-awaited iPhone sequel is coming, some had been said that it could be October 4, or it could also be October 15. The current information can’t confirm the name of the next generation iPhone, but it doesn’t really matter what it called, iPhone 4S or iPhone 5, as long as Apple gives us something new, even if right now no one can a hundred percent confirm when it will be release, we just know that, it is coming, are you ready to dump your outdated iPhone 4?

Apple’s products are truly amazing and almost perfect, and as a symbol of digital fashion, sometime we want the feeling of using an iDevice is even more badly than the product itself, and iPhone and iPad, they meant to be that kind of one-year-ditch type product, if you don’t, what you keep that for?

Speaking of iPhone, each and every one year there will be a new sequel come out, and it will soon to be on the hottest issue, people would crack their heads for it, and everybody wants to be the first one to have it. These people are usually called “Apple fans”, if you are one of them, then you have a new reason to dump your one-year-old iPhone 4, otherwise it will make you awkward.

Besides, as we all know, the battery of iPhone 4 is un-removable, and of course even battery has a life, which is about one year. One years later your iPhone 4 is not able to work like the first time you use it, in another word, it’s time for you to change the battery, but don’t you forget, the battery is un-removable and you can’t even actually buy a battery of iPhone 4, so you have to dump the phone.

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