Instagram Hack Leaks Phone Numbers of 1,000 Accounts which Include Famous Celebrities

Instagram was recently affected by a bug which allowed hackers to get personal contact information from over 1,000 accounts. This list includes famous celebrities such as Selena Gomez, Leonardo Dicaprio, Victoria Beckham and so on. Things get even worse though since the hacker that’s behind this bug created a website that’s known as “Doxagram” where people can pay $10 and search for the phone number and email of their favorite celebrity.

Doxed Celebrities

The Instagram hack includes phone numbers of these following huge movie stars: Zac Efron, Emilia Clarke, Emma Watson, Leonardo Dicaprio and Channing Tatum. However, the list doesn’t stop there since it also contains the private information of these following musicians and top athletes: Harry Styles, Floyd Mayweather, Beyonce, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Neymar, David Beckham and so on.

Instagram Statement

At first, the bug was believed to only affect verified accounts or at least this is what Instagram official stated. However, they couldn’t be more wrong about it since the bug infected over 6 million accounts. This is a huge number and it’s hard to believe that something as malicious as this managed to pass through Instagram’s security.

The only thing that Mike Krieger, Instagram’s co-founder and Chief Technical Officer could say regarding this major security breach is that he is very sorry about what happened. He also added the following statement: “Although we cannot determine which specific accounts maybe have been impacted, we believe it was a low percentage of Instagram accounts”. Despite Mike Krieger’s positive attitude, Instagram is surely going to suffer and loose many users over this bug.

The one person who suffered the most from this bug exploit is Selena Gomez. She owns the most followed account on Instagram and this obviously made her a huge target. The hacker didn’t only reveal her phone number and email, but he also posted a nude picture of her ex-boyfriend, music icon Justin Bieber.

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