Huawei Mate 10 Pro Promo Material Leak Confirms LEICA Camera Setup and Powerful Processor

Traditionally, the smartphone industry was ruled by Google, Apple and Samsung. The reason why we are saying traditionally is because Huawei has joined their ranks and it seems like the Chinese manufacturer wants to take over the world. Although, this isn’t a secret at all since Huawei publicly announced that its goal is to become the number one smartphone manufacturer in the world.

Huawei Mate 10 Pro Leaked Promo Material

Huawei’s upcoming Mate 10 Pro is the smartphone that’s going to compete against the likes of Galaxy S8, iPhone 8 and Pixel 2. Therefore, Mate 10 Pro is certainly going to be packed with extraordinary hardware specs which will make it more than capable of competing against any other device. Luckily, the official promo material for Mate 10 Pro has been leaked online. Thing get even better since the promo material also confirms a bunch of high-end specs.


As we can all see in the featured picture, Mate 10 Pro looks amazing. The smartphone features a bezel less panel just like Galaxy S8 and iPhone X do. This makes it pretty clear that we have officially entered in the era of bezel less smartphones. Sadly, we also need to see the smartphone’s rear side in order to get an idea of its features and the leaked material only shows the front side.

Confirmed Specs

The smartphone was long rumored to ship with a HiSilicon Kirin 970 CPU. Fortunately, this rumor was confirmed in the leaked material. This Kirin 970 processor features eight cores which clock at a fast speed of 2.4GHz Cortex-A73.

Moreover, the processor will also be coupled with a huge 4,000 mAh battery which features super charge. Another important piece of hardware that’s confirmed by this recent leak is the rear mounted dual camera that’s made from LEICA sensors.

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