HP unveils its Windows 8 based Alli-in-One PCs

With the Windows 8 launch coming closer computer manufacturers have started revealing their upcoming products which will hit markets soon after Microsoft’s unleashes its new operating system. HP has now a new All-in-One which makes use of the touch-friendly Windows 8 operating system and will go up against the exiting iMac line-up. These new AiOs are part of the company’s latest Spectre series of computers.

The best in the lot is the Spectre One which features a 23-inch panel and measure 11.5mm. It has no touch screen however it features a full-fledged trackpad which supports Windows 8 gestures. This device will be powered by an Intel Ivy Bridge processor, 6GB of RAM, 750GB or 1TB of HDD, Beats Audio integration, NFC connectivity and a HP TrueVision webcam.

The Spectre One is planned for a US release on November 14 with its price starting at $1,299.

Apart from this the company has launched two AiOs in its TouchSmart series, both feature a touchscreen display and support Windows 8 gestures. Powered by Intel’s Ivy Bridge processor these com in two sizes of 20-inch and 23-inch. Planned for an October 23 release these two are priced at $849 and $1,099 respectively.

Finally the company has revealed the Pavilion 20 AiO which is a Windows 8 based entry-level AiO with a price tag of $499.

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