Heroes of the Storm Will Receive Two New Overwatch Heroes and a new Map

We have some great news for Heroes of the Storm fans, two new Overwatch champions and a huge map is coming their way. Blizzard, the game developer behind both games, recently announced that a pair of new characters and an Overwatch based game is going to arrive to HotS in the not so far away future. Things get even better since Blizzard also announced new skins and an event.

Ana and Junkrat

The two Overwatch champions that will arrive in HotS are Ana and Junkrat. These two are a great addition to the game since Ana is a hybrid sniper that’s also capable of healing and Junkrat is a crazy, fun and explosive damage dealer. On the downside though, Blizzard didn’t announce the official date when these two champions will arrive in HotS. However, no one should be shocked by this since Blizzard never likes to announce everything and enjoys using the element of surprise.

Volskaya Foundry

The new map that will be added in HotS is called Volskaya Foundry and it’s basically a RTS rendition of Overwatch’s Volskaya Industries map. We should mention that this is not the first Overwatch based map that arrives in HotS since the first one was Hanamura. Although, Hanamura is temporarily removed right now but it will certainly make an appearance during the upcoming future.

The best thing about this new map is that it’s downright huge. The map has three lanes (top, mid and bottom) which feature conveyor belts that players can use to speed up or slow down their character’s movement speed. Nonetheless, the map gives players the ability to periodically capture points that are spread all over the map and capturing these points will reward players with the Triglav Protector. What’s cool about this new Triglav Protector is that it uses co-op mechanics, just like Cho’Gall.

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