Halo Reach Launch Party Mumbai where Microsoft gave Indian Gamers something to Remember

I know you guys overseas won’t understand this excitement but Indian gamers got a really great treat from Microsoft at the Halo Reach Launch Party. Microsoft invited worthy gamers for this brilliant event and treated them to a time of their life.

This was really exciting because events like these don’t usually happen in India and Gigjets is really happy that Microsoft has now decided to deliver rich entertainment to the Indian markets as they previously mentioned during the 250 GB Xbox 360 launch. Living up to this promise Microsoft unveiled Halo Reach at this brilliant party held at Manchester United Café, Palladium Mall, Mumbai and the place which was buzzing with football fans the previous day was packed with excited gamers on the other.

Once Ashim Mathur, Director Marketing for Microsoft India unleashed Halo Reach the party went wild. We got to try out the new 250 GB Xbox 360, had a lot of fun time playing Halo Reach (campaign as well as split screen multiplayer), drinks on the house, girls with guns (MA5C Assault Rifle to be more specific, although the game has the MA37) and a huge bunch of gamers drooling over this latest release.

Microsoft seemed very confident about Halo Reach and they have great expectations from the Indian markets. For the very first time some unique stuff is officially available in India as Microsoft will be selling the limited edition and the legendary edition Halo Reach version in the country and you can get them at any major retails stores like Croma, Reliance Digital or HyperCity check out the Store Locator to find a store near you.

Well, I have to end this saying it was a complete blast, we and everyone else had a really great time and Microsoft says that there will be more of such exciting stuff happening in the future! So, keep in touch and as always we will keep you updated.

Here are some more images from the party:

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