Google Brings YouTube Partner Program to India

This Tuesday, Google officially announced that it is was launching the YouTube Partner Program in India. This will allow regular video creators to allows ads in their videos on YouTube and earn revenue by creating videos.

Well, this is great for budding video content creators from India, especially because it will enable people who make popular videos to generate revenue from their videos with the help of ads, which would be laid over the video or would play alongside it. However, all the content should be original creation of the YouTube user as to become eligible to join the Partner Program.

Currently, the YouTube Partner Program includes over 20,000 content creators across the world and pays out millions of dollars every month as advertising revenue to its members. YouTube has already handpicked a few creators including Jai Hind TV and Yoboho New Media since last December. However, now all those who are interested can be a part of the program if eligible.

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