Apple is in Dire Need of OLED Panel Manufacturers since Samsung is the Only One

One of iPhone 8’s key selling points is its OLED panel. This is the first Apple device that uses OLED technology and it’s a well-received change from Apple fans since OLED displays are able to produce more colorful images and consume less battery charge than LED panels. However, we finally find out why Apple kept on hesitated to use OLED panels in the past and the reason is that Samsung, Apple’s biggest rival, is the only company that’s producing these displays.

Apple and Samsung Working Together

Considering the fact that Apple and Samsung have been competing against each other for the past decade, no one would expect them to work together. Well, it looks like Samsung doesn’t really care for competition and it sees this as a good business opportunity since Apple is being charged somewhere around $120-$130 per panel. This is a huge difference in comparison with iPhone 7 Plus’s 5.5-inch LCD panel that costs only $45-$55.

Samsung Controls iPhone 8 Production

Many experts such as Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities are reporting that Apple will be faced with some iPhone 8 production issues since the demand is higher than expected. However, what these experts are also saying is that Samsung is capable of completely stopping iPhone 8’s mass production. While this would be a bad business move for Samsung since it’s not selling anymore products, it will still benefit Samsung in the smartphone industry since eager customers won’t have any other option than to leave Apple behind.

With that being said, it’s safe to say that Apple is in dire need of another OLED manufacturer. Seeing as the demand for iPhone 8 keeps on getting bigger, maybe some other company will decide to step up and steal Samsung’s spot. Nonetheless, Samsung is a reputable company that’s more than likely not going to stop manufacturing OLED panels just to hurt Apple.

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