Apple is Already Faced with iPhone 8 Supply Issues

iPhone 8 is only hours away from being launched and the entire world is excited about this. The smartphone will be launched at the newly built Steve Jobs Theatre which is quite adequate since Apple celebrates 10 years since the late CEO Steve Jobs launched the first iPhone 8. Nonetheless, the highly anticipated smartphone is finally going to step into the limelight and we will get a chance to see in its full glory. Although, we need to mention that eager customers might need to wait a little bit longer until they can their hands on Apple’s next flagship since the Cupertino based tech giant is having some supply constraints.

iPhone 8 Supply Constraints

The KGI Securities Analyst known as Ming-Chi Kuo reports that Apple is not going to be able to produce more than 10,000 iPhone 8 units per day. While 10,000 is still an impressive number, Apple won’t be able to meet the demand. Worth mentioning is that Ming-Chi Kuo has a good track record of predicting Apple’s every move.

Special Gold Color Variant

The smartphone that’s the hardest to manufacture is the gold color variant. This will be the rarest iPhone 8 and it will hit the market at a later date. Also, this shows that Apple is not as prepared as it likes its customers to believe. Even though the company gets flooded with pre-orders every time a new iPhone iteration comes out, it still doesn’t learn its lesson.

Face Recognition

Another interesting thing that Ming-Chi Kuo noted in his report is that Apple “has to win over consumers by demoing a smooth-running, easy-to-use and secure feature”. The analyst is talking about Apple’s highly rumored Face Recognition software which will replace the traditional Touch ID button. Therefore, we can expect an official iPhone 8 demo highlight to come out today.

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