‘FIFA 15 Ultimate Team’ Android Users Still Affected by Server Issues

A few days ago, the official FIFA 15 Ultimate Team game has been launched for Android users, but just as I was telling you recently, it comes with plenty of bugs and glitches. And they aren’t yet solved.


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is an awesome game that combines team management, the skills to play and even to trade on the market. However, since it has been released on Android, there have been only troubles.

The app has been last updated on September 19, 2014, but dozens of users, including myself, are looking forward to a fresh update that would take care of annoying errors having to do with their servers.

Here’s what some Android players have been saying. Matthew Williams from September 27:

“Servers are always down. I would rate a five but the severs are constantly down. Its good when you actually get the chance to play but of course its made by EA which basically means that the game isn’t going to work much”

Nuggët Gämes on the same day:

“Why are the servers down, I was so excited until now I had to sacrifice fifa 14 for this and it took me so long to install it and this just happens!”

And the list goes on and on, with more complaints piling up by the day. The problem has been here for quite a while, so I wonder why isn’t EA Sports reacting at all?

And it seems that not only Android users are affected.

EA Sports is also looking to solve problems on matches which end with zero coin rewards in the Ultimate Team mode and problems with mid match disconnections.

What have been your troubles so far? Sound off by leaving your comment below.

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