How to Follow Live the Windows 9 Launch Event

The big event is tonight and many are expecting to see the first technical preview of Windows 9, albeit it could be aimed just at enterprise users for now. We try to offer you some tips on how to follow the event live.

watch live windows 9

By the looks of it, there isn’t going to be an official livestream from Microsoft for Windows 9 event today, which makes us further think that this is going to be a technical preview for enterprise customers mainly.

Still, Microsoft isn’t making it easy to learn more about Threshold directly from its source and in real time, so we’ll have to resort to other means, such as popular tech publications.

Microsoft also said that Blogging Windows and Microsoft News Center will be following the event, but most likely the event won’t be livestreamed there, but instead the new information will be published there after the event.

At the moment, The Verge seems to be the single big publication to be liveblogging from the event, and we’ll add more websites if and when they announce their live blogs.

I will also be keeping an eye on YouTube and other streaming websites, just in case someone manages to transmit the event, so stay tuned. Here’s when the Windows 9 live event kicks off in your time zone:

10:00AM – Pacific
11:00AM – Mountain
12:00PM – Central
1:00PM – Eastern
5:00PM – GMT
6:00PM – London
7:00PM – Paris
9:00PM – Moscow
1:00AM (October 1st) – Hong Kong
2:00AM (October 1st) – Tokyo
3:00AM (October 1st) – Sydney

Do check out our sister blog Windows9Hub for extensive coverage of the event, as well.

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