The Amazon Fire TV Gets a PRICE CUT From $99, Hint for Amazon Fire TV 2?

Amazon Fire TV, the quite new digital media player and microconsole developed by, which works as a network appliance and entertainment device, is now receiving a small, but nice discount. Check out more details below.

amazon fire tv discount

The Amazon Fire TV has received a price cut from $99 to $84, but the new price won’t be remaining for ever like that, so if you are impressed by the device, maybe you should go ahead and get yours today.

The limited-time offer shelves $15 of the initial price of $99, which is not such a big decrease, and we’re wondering whether this isn’t hinting to the fact that Amazon has troubles selling the device.

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By using the Amazong Fire TV, users can stream to their TV services like Hulu, Netflix, Vudu, Amazon Prime, among with other streaming networks. You can also use it for easy music streaming through the Amazon music library.

Users can also play video games with the included remote, via a mobile app, or with an optional game controller. The streaming stick features 2 GB of RAM, MIMO dual-band Wi-Fi, and a Bluetooth remote control with a microphone for voice search. It supports 1080p streaming and Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 surround sound.

Usually, when Amazon offers a price cut, this means that a new generation of devices is just around the corner. And if the Amazon Fire TV was only released in April, maybe the company is looking to expand its reach to even more consumers.

Another reason could be the competition with Apple TV and Roku, which are more popular and are enjoying more sales, despite the Fire TV sporting a faster processor, and overall better technology.

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