Windows 7 Will Reach END OF SALES In October, But Won’t Completely Disappear

While the whole world is either talking about the Windows 9 or complaining about Windows 8, we’re not paying enough attention to the OS which was way more popular than Windows 8. As Microsoft officially announced, Windows 7 will reach the end of sales next month.

windows 7

Five years after the release of a certain operating system, Microsoft stops to provide user support and ends the sale dates of the system. That tradition didn’t bypass Windows 7 as well (Only Windows XP was an exception).

This means that OEMs will no longer receive Windows 7 from Microsoft, and they’ll have to move on to a newer Windows version. Microsoft announced that Windows 7 Home Basic, Home Premium, and Ultimate will no longer be pre-installed on new computers, while Windows 7 Professional will continue to be available on OEM devices.

Although Microsoft will no longer provide OEMs with Wind0ws 7, this doesn’t mean that all computers running this OS will disappear in a few moments. Retailers will continue to sell Windows 7 powered computers until they run out of stock.

After that, Microsoft won’t provide them with fresh copies of the system. Windows 7 will also reach the end of mainstream support at the beginning of the next year, more precisely on January 13, 2015.

But Windows 7 users will get updates until January 13, 2020, because Windows 7 extended support will end on that date. Of course, Microsoft recommends you to switch to a newer version of Windows, just to make sure that your computer is completely up to date.

Windows 7 is currently the world’s most popular desktop operating system, and maybe Microsoft’s forcing of the customers to switch to the newer versions of Windows is not such a good idea.

For example, Microsoft provided user support for Windows XP for more than 12 years. We all know that Windows XP was the reigning operating system for so many years, and its successor Windows Vista was a bust.

There’s also an unintentional tradition that says that every second Microsoft’s operating system is good. So, if Windows 8 wasn’t such a hit, we maybe should expect from Windows 9 to do better.

Speaking of Windows 9, it has some potential to be better accepted than its predecessor. Microsoft will definitely try to improve some disadvantages of Windows 8, and bring some more features as well.

So we should expect the much anticipated return of start menu, Halo-based virtual assistant, Cortana and some major Metro UI improvements. If you want to read more about the new features of Windows 9, you should check out our article about that.

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