BlackBerry Updates BBM to Support Apple’s iOS 8, Get it on Your iPhone & iPad

Apple’s iOS 8 is a pretty important update and that’s why many developers are making sure that their apps are being updated so that these meet the design language of the new software and also the new features. BlackBerry has done the same with its popular BBM app.

bbm ios8 Thus, BlackBerry has updated its popular messaging platform BBM to support Apple’s iOS 8. The latest version brings a few unknown bug fixes and resolves some issues that users were experiencing in right to left language support.

Also, back at BlackBerry’s Security Summit in July, Enterprise Chief John Sims said  that a redesign of the BBM for iOS and Android is in the works that will see it become “a more native experience.” This is now true with iOS 8 and we wonder whether the same will happen once Android L gets officially released.

At the moment, there are currently over 85 million monthly active users on BBM across BlackBerry, iOS, Android and Windows Phone, so it’s definitely not a number that BlackBerry wants to ignore.

However, not everybody is pleased with the update, as some users accuse it of generating bugs and crashes especially on the iPad. BlackBerry Messenger is compatible with the iPad, but is made to work with the iPhone, so maybe this is the reason:

“I don’t like the new update I use it on my iPad but I can’t do anything on it the screen is off to the side and I can’t accept a contact on it please fix”

And here’s another complaint:

“I have had the same issue with the same person sending me invites at least 5-10 times a day for the last 2 weeks. I only use BBM for my one friend because she doesn’t like using regular texting on her black berry…  I’m to the point that the next spam invite from this person I am completely deleting the app.  If I block and decline someone they should NOT be able to send me any more invites….. Fix this please.”

I’ll be keeping an eye on future updates, so if there will be one released to improve the performance, will let you know of it.

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