Ubuntu Touch RTM Gets FIRST UPDATE After Official Release

The official RTM of Ubuntu Touch has been recently release, and as Softpedia informs, it has already received its very first update. Let’s take a look at what the RTM brings and as well as what the first update consists in.

ubuntu touch rtm

Ubuntu Touch, like other new mobile operating systems, such as Firefox OS, Tizen or Jolla Sailfish, has a long way to go before it can make its way into a real product and one that will actually sell.

The first Ubuntu Touch-powered smartphones should get released at a certain point in December. But we wonder whether Canonical will manage to meet its deadline, since the RTM version sees the light just a couple of months ahead. Here’s what Canonical said about the first release of Ubuntu Touch RTM:

“We have promoted our first image from the ubuntu-rtm distribution! To anyone that wants to have a stable and up-to-date Ubuntu Touch device, please flash your devices with an ubuntu-rtm/14.09 image. As a reminder: the stable-proposed images (those that have not yet been promoted) can be found in the ubuntu-rtm/14.09-proposed channel.”

Here are some of the main features in this first official release of the Ubuntu Touch RTM:

– MTP server fixes
– Facebook chat notifications
– Mir 0.7.1 (overlay enabled back again)
– Unity8 support for nested prompts
– New Ubuntu UI Toolkit
– Tons and tons of fixes for core applications, main UI, scopes and internal components

Canonical also said that ‘this image seems to be the most stable ubuntu-rtm’ they ever had.

“Most blockers have been resolved (along with the no-input unity8 lockup bug), with only more minor issues remaining. We didn’t promote any image from the utopic-proposed channel yet, but we are considering that as well. So those of you still using devel (i.e. utopic) will not see any new updates.”

After having released the Ubuntu Touch RTM, the very first update to the branch has been issued recently and here are the most important new features:

Performance and bug fixes for dialer-app and messaging-app
Fixes for system-settings
Support for embedded artwork in music
Many different fixes for developer mode
New design of the ubuntu-keyboard
Location improvements
Fixes for Unity8 and QtMir
New Mir release (0.7.3)
Many many improvements and fixes for other components

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