Nokia Lumia 1020 Users Plagued With Problems After Windows Phone 8.1 Update

As Wind8Apps has recently informed us, there seem to be quite a lot of errors for Nokia Lumia 1020 owners who want to make the jump to the latest Windows Phone 8.1 update. Here’s what all the fuss is about.

Nokia Lumia 1020 windows phone 8.1 update

Recently, there has been a lot of frustration among Nokia Lumia 1020 owners as they are faced with problems related to the update to the latest Windows Phone 8.1 version. While some user have managed to solve their problems, others were lucky and received new items from Microsoft.

Here’s what some affected users has been saying:

“Lumia 1020’s have been freezing when in stand by mode (glance mode), while charging and not charging. The only way to get the phone to respond is by performing a soft reset (hold volume down + power down for 15 seconds). Upon restart, some users report additionally to get one or both errors”

Somebody else has confirmed the issue, and the thread has been quickly populated by many others:

“I am having this problem too, almost every time I try to charge the phone and sometimes when it has just been not in use for awhile…the alarm is useless and often I awake to a phone that is not charged because it shutdown while charging…

now I want to love this phone Lumina 1020 and this is my second phone running the windows system, but unless Microsoft address this and fast…AT&T is going to get it back with an ear full…this is unacceptable and embarrassing as a fan of the Window Phone…”

You can see for yourself how many have reported this problem and it seems that an official fix hasn’t been yet offered. The most lucky ones have received new Nokia Lumia 1020 handsets, but even some of those are having the same problems.

Are you in the same position? Is your Nokia Lumia affected by the latest Windows Phone 8.1 update? If so, sound off by leaving your comment below and let us know.

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11 thoughts on “Nokia Lumia 1020 Users Plagued With Problems After Windows Phone 8.1 Update”

  1. Once upon a time I had Black installed in my Lumia 1020, these were happy times, everything worked. Back in July, the word out in the street was that a great update known as Cyan was soon to be released. I was still happy, anxious to get it, but nevertheless happy. The day came, the Cyan was ready to be installed, what a nice present from Microsoft/Nokia/… even AT&T! I was still happy. The update completed… I was eager to check out all those new features… but my WiFi stopped working for more than a few minutes at a time. My bluetooth followed right after… and then the random reboots came. I was not happy anymore. Cyan was more of a poison pill than an update. I could no longer depend on this phone. I reached out to all mighty Microsoft, but … I wasn’t even given audience. Nokia told me to take the phone to a Nokia care center which is more than four hours from where I live. I thought the windows community might be able to help, some even tried … but they were all futile attempts
    I finally bit the bullet and completely wiped out clean my phone using Nokia’s tool… but the problem is still there: my lumia 1020 can only stay connected to a WiFi for a few minutes before it switches to limited and then to no WiFi at all. I have tried the preview, the official release, soft/hard resets, …
    I miss the good old days when I had black installed. Needless to say, I am no longer happy, quite pissed actually. A software update shouldn’t break your phone… and if it does, bug fixes should come right after.
    I am happy for all those users that didn’t experience anything, but please don’t deny the fact… Cyan update is totally flawed, otherwise why would so many people complain. I love my phone but I hate this update.

  2. I’ve installed every preview update they have put out and had 0 issues on my 1020. This is probably a specific app issue – which is why they put out a preview for developers, so developer can fix their apps if changes cause issues.

  3. 8.1 Cyan has rendered two different phones useless. Both phones have the same behavior problems in three different areas with update that did not exist on either phone prior to Cyan update.
    1.) Bluetooth, none of my Bluetooth devices work with either Windows phone, they did before update. Devices work with Samsung and iPhone so problem is with Cyan. They will work with Black if that was possible to downgrade.

    2.) Calls automatically go directly to speakerphone with no ability to use speakerphone, also can not toggle phone from speakerphone, all you can do is end call.

    3.)Xbox music crashes to start screen and will not play music, same music that played fine on Black, same music plays fine on old iPhone 3gs and Samsung Galaxy

    Love the hardware but Cyan has ruined my Windows Phone experience, not worth the time, it is like pushing a car up a hill with rope!

    1. How do you know it is Cyan? When Cyan was pushed for developer preview users, two more updates to Windows 8.1 were installed. Which phones are failing? My 1520 is working better than before.

      1. Both phones are 920’s, it is Cyan. None of the issues existed before with Lumia Black or Amber. 3rd party apps have nothing to do with it either as I did a virgin OTA install so it was just Cyan that was installed. I would like to think a corrupt download as the culprit but no. Even the Microsoft store doing a fresh download of Cyan did not fix issues.

        Both phones function well before Cyan, neither function afterwards. I have also downloaded Cyan at home since the Microsoft store visit and the same behaviors all happen.

        I know what the answer is and that is putting Black back on phone, something that Microsoft does not allow.. My hardware is fine on both phones, it is the firmware CYAN.

  4. Since I’ve updated my Lumia 920 to 8.1 , I’ve noticed that everytime I watch something on YouTube, it shuts down suddenly. It also unexpectedly crashes from time to time. I have never experienced this on the Amber update. This morning, i’ve also noticed that my phone wasn’t charging enough after plugging it for more than an hour. I really wanna go back to the Amber update where everything seemed smooth.

  5. My phone was updated a couple weeks ago with 8.1, and it has had problems ever since. Many times I will look down and the time will be stuck on hours before, and the only way to get the phone to work again is a soft reset. Charging has been a nightmare. If I happen to accidentally let it run all the way down, it is very difficult to get it back on or even get it to charg

  6. Nonsense. My 1020 is doing fine, and has had no problems with any updates. The problem noisy lifestyle had to do with an app.

  7. My 925 does this once in a while but only when using glance and Qi charging. Turning off glance fixes the problem. But since I like glance I deal with it.

  8. Thus the risks you take when using the Preview for Developers.

    Saying “it’s unacceptable” and “embarrassing” tells me that those people shouldn’t be testing what is basically a beta. They should stick to the base OS, let others do the testing and wait for the update to be pushed to their phones.

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