Samsung’s Tizen Smartphone Comes to India This November

Samsung’s smartphones are almost entirely powered by Google’s Android mobile operating system, but the Korean company has long been looking to release its own Tizen-based smartphone. And now, finally, after so many talks, it seems that we have a release date.

tizen smartphone india

Samsung’s much awaited first Tizen-based device have finally received an official release date. Tarun Malik, director of Samsung’s Media Solutions Center in Southwest Asia, in recent interview with Economic Times said that the first Tizen-based smartphone will be launched in November in India.

Despite being quite successful with Android, as Samsung is the world’s biggest smartphone supplier, with almost one third of the global sales, Samsung wants to try and experiment with an operating system of its own. After all, it can afford the luxury of failing, in case the software isn’t greeted with enough enthusiasm.

Malik said that the Tizen device to be released in India “will coexist with the Android devices”, but it’s not exactly clear what he meant by this. Most likely, he probably wanted to highlight that Samsung doesn’t want its devices to rival but rather to be part of a bigger portfolio.

While Samsung’s business is obviously going great, it has to struggle against rising local brands in China and India, which are getting more and more devotees. Local Indian brands are releasing cheap devices at affordable prices, as well as new Chinese companies that manage to stuff in more than decent hardware specs, like Xiaomi.

As a matter of fact, Micromax surpassed Samsung in mobile handset sales during the second quarter, says Counterpoint Technology Market Research. This is a worrying fact for the company, who hopes it can bring the wow factor with its new Tizen handset.

However, Tizen will face a very big problem and that is the fact that there aren’t enough apps on its own dedicated store. Samsung has organized a couple of events where it awarded developers with big prizes, but it’s not sure whether that was enough to create plenty apps for the consumer to be satisfied.

Samsung has already introduced Tizen in a camera and smartwatches and it could expand the platform to other consumer goods like TVs and refrigerators. And as the market of wearables and Internet of Things devices rises, maybe that’s where Samsung’s chances lies.

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