Skype App for Android Will Let you Connect Skype to your Phone’s Address Book

Just like the recently updated WhatsApp application for iOS and Android users, Skype has hundreds of millions users out there, both on desktop and mobile. That’s why the team is always looking to come with new useful features, such as this new one. 

skype android app Many people feared that Microsoft will have taken over Skype, there will be many unpleasant changes made internally, but that was not the case and the hugely popular app is still enjoying tremendous success all over the world.

If you have installed Skype on your Android smartphone or tablet, then you need to have a look at the latest feature which has been made public on the Play Store a few days ago. However, it will gradually roll out, as currently only select users will be able to enjoy it. Here’s how the update bits sound like:

Find your friends on Skype: In the coming weeks you’ll have the option to connect Skype to your phone’s address book. Just verify your phone number when prompted, and your friends will start showing up in your Skype contacts. For your privacy, you can easily choose whether we keep looking for your friends and whether they can find you from the settings.”

So, when this update reaches you, you will be able to connect Skype to your phone’s address book. In order to enjoy that feature, all you will need to do will be to just verify your phone number when prompted. After that, your friends will start showing up in your Skype contacts.

If you want to protect your privacy, you can choose whether to allow or not Skype to keep looking for your friends. Overall, this is a nice feature and useful if your friends are using Skype as much as you do and they have it on their phones.

This way, you will be able to immediately fetch their phone numbers to your smartphone, thus bypassing another annoying step. However, there are users who are still complain about unresolved problems:

“The Always Online “feature” (hardly a feture, even less a desired one) makes contacting anyone hard, since even offline people appear as online. Get this sorted  When are the “Busy/Do Not Disturb” and “Away” statuses ever going to be implemented?? Contact pictures won’t update, even if contact is online  Notification tune is barely audible, add an option for higher volume or choose custom tune!”

What do you think of the latest feature? Sound off in the comments section from below.

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