WhatsApp for iPhone, iPad and Android Gets Improved Chat & Other IMPORTANT Updates

WhatsApp needs no introduction, being used by hundreds of millions of mobile users across the entire world, coming from both iOS and Android, as well. Now it has received an important update that every user should know about.

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WhatsApp is a wonder of modern technology, allowing us to be connected with loved ones and friends no matter where they are. Being used by so many across the entire world, it’s important to take into account every new major update it receives.

Recently, the app has been updated both for iPhone and iPad users, as well as for the Android counterpart, however, with distinct new features.  The latest version 2.11.11 has brought improved chat search and reduced the frequency of the “Turn on notifications” alert for iOS owners.

As for Android users, they’re on for a bigger update, as the latest version of Android brings revised mute settings, the new conversation archive feature and improved message storage reliability. But perhaps the biggest change is Android Wear support, which is an awesome feature for those looking to buy an Android smartwatch.

Of course, as usually, a bunch of other miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements have been deployed, as well. Overall, both iOS and Android users seem to be pleased with the update, but there are some that have complains. Here’s what some have been saying on iTunes:

“I thought the app was fine before the update. Now there’s a camera button, which is not even needed and is too big. So I always hit it accidentally when I’m trying to select the space to type in. Why put a camera option when we already have one to the left of the chat box?? It only gets in the way. Also, a notification directions screen keeps popping up when I open the app., basically telling me I need to turn on my notifications or the window will come up every time I open the app.

Really annoying. The latest update says that they’ve reduced how frequent this notice appears, but we should have the option of having how our notifications settings are. So it’s still annoying very unnecessary. I’ve read other reviews and it seems as though everyone is having the same issues with the changes that have been made to this app. Hopefully the next update will fix this. For now, I prefer not to use this this.”

On Android, the app has received a much better score of 4.4 so far. What is your opinion of the latest version? Have you applied the update or not yet? Sound off by leaving your comment below.

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