Firefox OS Keeps Growing, Adds NEW Market in Asia – Bangladesh

The big battle in the smartphone race these days seems to be especially tight in the low-end segment where everybody is trying to get a piece of the action. So does Mozilla with Firefox OS.

firefox os asia

Windows Phone is said to be the third most used mobile operating system, after Android and iOS. But there are newcomers such as Jolla Sailfish or Firefox OS who want a piece of the action, as well.

Mozilla’s young Firefox OS initiative is aimed at emerging markets and that’s why it’s now adding another Asian nation to its resume – Bangladesh. The Telenor Group is bringing Firefox OS to Bangladesh after being released in India just a few weeks ago. A Mozilla representative said the following:

“At a press conference in Dhaka, Grameenphone, the local operator for the Telenor Group, announced that sales of the GoFox F15 (produced by Symphony) will start this week.” Rolv-Erik Spilling, SVP and Head of Telenor Digital add the following, as well:

“This launch was made possible through the cooperation between Grameenphone, Telenor, Mozilla and Symphony. For us, it’s important to provide the Bangladeshi market with an easy, affordable and locally relevant mobile internet experience, which the Firefox phone enables”

Telenor has already a good history of backing Mozilla’s smartphone platform, helping the company expand to multiple markets. As of now, Firefox OS is available across 23 countries, covering Asia, Europe and Latin America.

Grameenphone customers in Bangladesh will be able to a cheap Firefox phone, for less than US$ 60. As a matter of fact, this is the first joint release of Mozilla’s Firefox OS smartphones by a mobile operator in Asia. Vivek Sood, CEO of Grameenphone, said the following:

“We want more customers to experience mobile services on smartphones. By stimulating the Mozilla developer community to create more locally relevant apps coupled with Telenor’s WowBox service, we expect to see increase internet uptake and usage in Bangladesh”

The phone will be called GoFox F15, will come loaded with the new WowBox service from Telenor Digital, and its owners will get 20 MB of free data per day. Dr. Andreas Gal, CTO in Mozilla, also shared his input:

“We are happy to partner with Grameenphone, the leading operator in Bangladesh, to bring Firefox OS phones to more users in Asia. Telenor’s ´Internet for All´ strategy is well-aligned with Mozilla’s mission for Firefox OS – promoting openness, innovation and opportunity online”

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