Crusader Kings II Charlemagne Expansion Brings New Religions and More

Crusaders Kings 2 is an awesome game and now it’s getting yet another expansion that will definitely please lovers of the genre. Read below to find out more details about it.

crusader kings 2

The developer of Crusader Kings 2, Paradox Development Studios, will soon launch yet another expansion for Crusader Kings II, called Charlemagne. Tobias Bodlund, a scripter on the Crusader Kings II team, said the following:

“We’ve added a bunch of new cultures to the game. A few of these could arguably have been present in The Old Gods already, but going back to 769 we felt we really needed to shake up the map to properly represent the changing cultural landscape of the Early Middle Ages.”

Now, with the use of this expansion, Crusader Kings II fans will be able to choose to play as a Visigoth ruler belonging to the Iberian culture group, and the provinces they control will tend to evolve into Castilian, Catalan or Andalusian. Also, the old Suebi Germans are also present in the same region.

In the north, Crusader Kings II – Charlemagne will include the Franks, who are initially Latinized Germans. Here’s what else the developer added:

“Other new cultures you will find are Saxons, Lombards, Picts and Somali. Also, there are no Russians yet, but instead various East Slavic peoples such as the Ilmenians, Severians and Volhynians. We’ve revisited cultural dynamics in some other places as well. For example, the emergence of Norman culture is now somewhat more likely than before.”

Also, the Old Norse religion in Crusader Kings II has been changed into German and there’s a full blown Ibadi faith, a new Pagan set of beliefs based around the Sun God Zun. Another improvement is that the Jews are also present in Semien in Ethiopia.

The Vikings are now more focused on internal matters and the Abbasid dynasty might be the superpower of the era. The Kingdom of the Franks, on which the expansion is focused, will see Charlemagne and Carloman each ruling half of the empire.

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