Windows 8.2 Could Get Released on 30 September, and Not Windows 9

Recently, it’s been a lot of talk related to the release of Windows 9, which is said to happen earlier than many are expecting it to be. We explain why it makes no sense at all.

windows 8.2

Recently, it’s been said by many sources that Microsoft could be unveiling its latest desktop OS, Windows 9 “Threshold”, on 30 September. However, this doesn’t make any sense at all, since Windows 8 is yet that young.

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Most likely, what popular tech publications like The Verge and others seem to hint towards is a press event showing off indeed a new OS, but definitely not Windows 9. The most recent iteration has been Windows 8.1 so most likely we’re going to witness the launch of the next, Windows 8.2 version.

What is still puzzling, however, is why Microsoft would require a special press event for Windows 8.2. Personally, if I’ll see Microsoft announce the technical preview of Windows 9, then it will be like the company will officially acknowledge that Windows 8 has failed.

What we know so far about Windows 9, codenamed “Threshold”, is a reimagined Start Menu which combines the familiar design of the menu that had been in place from Windows 95 to Windows 7 with the “Modern UI” layout from Windows 8. However, we can all agree that this isn’t such a big change for Microsoft to call it Windows 9 and now Windows 8.2.

Another potential feature could be Windows Modern apps running in a window on the desktop, rather than full screen. Once again, this is nothing more but an incremental update and definitely not something worth to be called Windows 9. Also, Cortana, Microsoft’s virtual assistant, could be integrated into the Windows 9 Desktop or, as I call it – Windows 8.2.

This autumn’s release is said to be only be a preview, with the full version expected in spring 2015. This makes sense, but only if Windows 9 truly brings big changes. It’s pretty hard to believe that Microsoft is ready to put such a lot of effort into a completely new OS version. Windows 9 or Windows 8.2 could also get launched with the removal of the Charms bar feature and several UI changes.

What’s your take on this? What do you think we”re going to see on September 30?

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2 thoughts on “Windows 8.2 Could Get Released on 30 September, and Not Windows 9”

  1. The Windows 8 Developer Preview (first preview of Windows 8) was released 3 years ago in 2011 Q4. This is Microsoft’s usual schedule. If RTM happens in Spring 2015, Microsoft will be just a few months ahead of schedule. Windows 9 is supposed to include a “Metro 2.0” start screen that isn’t seen in this Preview as its focus is solely on the Desktop and Enterprise. I wouldn’t expect to get a more complete feel for how Windows 9 will look until the next preview (consumer) is released. I just hope they revamp the live tile design and ditch the 16-bit color palette in favor of a more modern and mature look.

    1. Exactly this article is a bit silly. This release would be timed close to identical to the jump from 7 to 8. Seems lazy that the author wouldn’t look as far back as the latest OS cycle for some perspective.

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