There Won’t be Iron Man 4, Says Robert Downey Jr

We are not sure in what to believe, just a few days after Robert Downey Jr said that a fourth Iron Man movie could easily be done, the most expensive actor in Hollywood said that “Iron Man 3” was the last installment of the franchise.


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But, the end of the Iron Man franchise doesn’t mean that Tony stark will go away. Robert Downey Jr is still under contract with Marvel to play Iron Man in the upcoming Avengers movies, but he is not signed on to do anymore stand-alone Iron Man movies.

We don’t know why one of the most popular movies today will have to end, but the most logical explanation is that Marvel Studios doesn’t want to pay Robert Downey Jr the money he asked to star in the fourth film. Downey Jr is currently the highest paid actor in Hollywood, earned $50 just for “Iron Man 3” alone.

This Marvel Studios’ move is may be a little bit unreasonable, because the third Iron Man movie alone brought $1.2 billion to the studio. So if Robert Downey Jr. wants more than $50 million to star in the fourth installment, he just might be worth it.

This financial conflict will for sure disappoint many Iron Man fans worldwide, who were expecting the new adventure of their favorite hero.

Maybe Marvel will decide to replace Downey Jr or make a spin-off movie. Iron Man’s friend, War Machine appeared in two of the three movies, but the character probably doesn’t have enough charisma to take over Tony Stark.

On the other hand, if they hire a new actor, it would be illogical for Downey to play in the Avengers movies, and other actor in the stand-alone Iron Man movies.

But even if another actor is hired, Iron Man franchise probably won’t be the same without Robert Downey Jr. So what do you think? Would you like to see another actor, or you think that Iron Man franchise will end when Downey leaves? Write your opinion in the comments, we would love to hear it.

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