Smurfs 3 to be a Fully Computer-Animated Movie

Little, cute, blue people, Smurfs are one of the most recognized characters of all time. We seen a lot of these cute, little villagers in their 56 years long history, and now, Sony  Picture Animation is preparing another adventure of Papa Smurf and his offspring.


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The third installment of the “Smurfs” franchise will be a fully computer-animated work that will take the adorable little characters in “a completely new fresh direction”.

Director of the movie, Kelly Asbury said that they’re not going to make the third sequel, instead of that, the “story will explore the beginnings of the beloved little blue creatures in a fun full CG-animated comedy-adventure for every generation to enjoy.” The August 2015 release will follow two live action hybrids in which the Smurfs will interact with real human actors.

“The new film”, Asbury added, “will be stylistically closer to the original artwork created by Peyo”. In case you’re not familiar, Peyo was the pseudonym of Pierre Culliford, the Belgian comic book artist and drawer who created the original “Les Schtroumpfs”, as they’re known in their homeland, in 1958.

Asbury’s previous big screen creations  were 2011’s Gnomeo & Juliet and 2004’s Shrek 2, which he co-directed with Andrew Adamson and Conrad Vernon.

The first “Smurfs” movie was released in 2011, the movie made solid success in the box office making $142.6 million in the US and Canada and more than $563.7m worldwide, according to The Box Office Mojo.

But, the 2013’s sequel had significantly less success at the box office, making only $71 million in North America and $347.5 million worldwide. Katy Perry gave her voice to Smurfette in the first two movies, but it’s still unknown if she will return as a voice actor of the only female character in the fantasy village.

Besides the release of “Smurfs”, Sony Pictures Animation has also announced that a fully computer-generated return of the strongest sailor on the seas, Popeye will be directed by Genndy Tartakovsky, who also directed hit “Hotel Transylvania”.

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