Jolla Boss Says Sailfish OS is More Popular Than Windows Phone

Have you ever heard of Jolla and its smartphone, Sailfish OS? Well, if you didn’t, you should definitely pay attention, because some people from this “fresh-found” company claim that its operating system is more popular than Microsoft’s Windows Phone.


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Big companies (read: Google, Microsoft and Apple) are fighting over the market share of mobile operating systems for years, and they’ll continue to fight, for sure. Of course, it is well known that Android is absolutely dominant in the smartphone market with an enormous 84.7%, while Apple remains in second place with 11.7% share, and Microsoft’s Windows Phone  appears be the least successful of the big three, with a little 2.5%.

This ranking leaves only a 1.1% of the market to be shared by the rest. Finland’s Jolla, the company that was found by former Nokia employees, is definitely is the category of “the rest”, but someone from the company claims otherwise. Antti Saarnio, a chairman of Jolla, which Jolla handset runs on the Sailfish OS, claims that the Sailfish OS actually occupies third spot.

During the recent launch of the Jolla Phone on the Three network in Hong Kong, Saarnio said, “A wise man said nine months ago that the third mobile operating system is coming any day now. That man was Li Ka-shing, Asia’s richest man. As Jolla launches today the Jolla smartphone with Hutchison Telecommunications, I claim that the day is today.”

This basically means that Saarnio puts Jollas Sailfish OS above Windows Phone and even BlackBerry, which is used by many world’s political leaders and important persons. This seems a little bit unreasonable, because a lot of you probably didn’t even hear about Jolla or its Sailfish OS, so it takes a lot of courage to claim that you’re better than operating system from such a huge company, like Microsoft.

What do you think about Saarnio’s claim? Does he know something that nobody else does or his claims are just unreasonable bragging? Only the time will show.

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