iCloud Storage Gets CHEAPER, Free Plan Remains as Before

Apple decided to get more attention from the users with its new pricing plans for iCloud online storage service. The new pricing plan will bring lower prices to various iCloud offers, as well as some other benefits for users who already use this service.


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Apple recently changed the prices of its new iCloud storage plan, and added iCloud Drive to a beta version of the icloud.com, as well. In some cases, Apple has refunded money to customers who already applied for now-defunct plans. The new price plans reached to customers of current versions of iOS and OS X when they reached a certain places in Settings.

Apple still offers 5GB of free storage, which is a third of Microsoft’s offer for the free space of OneDrive. Apple eliminated the older 10GB and 50GB plans, and lowered the price of 20GB to $0.99 per month.

The company also added 200GB ($3.99), 500GB ($9.99) and 1TB ($19.99) plans. Which means that these plans will be priced at $11.88 (20GB), $47.88 (200GB), $119.88 (500GB) and $239.88 (1TB) annually.

Customers who have been subscribed to one of the plans will receive refunds and be moved to a new plan.

“Your plan has been upgraded from 25 GB of total storage at $40.00 a year to 25 GB at just $11.99 a year,” an email received by a Computerworld staffer read.

“You will receive a prorated refund … which is based on the price reduction and the remaining months on your subscription. This annually priced storage plan is only available to current iCloud storage plan subscribers.”

iCloud got the most of the attention, when Apple revealed the new pricing plan earlier this year. Some compared this to a return of iDisk, the online file hosting service shut down in 2012.  The new lower-priced iCloud storage plans will be available to users of both OS X and Yosemite.

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