PES Manager Says PES 2015 Will Beat FIFA 15 This Year

It’s that time of the year, when FIFA and PES games start their race to become must-have soccer simulation of the year. As release date of two games approaches, the first provocations started to appear. And one thing is for sure, this is going to be an interesting year for all soccer fans.


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The Brand Manager for PES 2015, Adam Bhatti is confident about the chances of PES 2015 to compete with FIFA 15 in order to become the best soccer simulation game of the year.

He feels that PES is good enough to regain the throne from FIFA brand, and return on the course, after last year’s bust. Bhatti spoke about the chances of PES at Gamecom last month, revealing that Konami prepared some surprises for us.

Bhatti said that he was worried how fans will react to PES 2015 before he saw FIFA 15. He stated that he doesn’t want to be disrespectful or something like that, but he just thinks that PES 2015 will have much more to offer than FIFA 15 does. Bhatti claims that one of the main advantages of PES 2015 is the “FOX engine”.

PES 2015 could win fans from FIFA 15

Bhatti is confident that the engine will blow people’s minds and that Konami managed to make the game look really good this year. Besides improved graphics, Bhatti said that animations of this year’s PES are quite nice, too.

The battle between PES and FIFA brands is well known. Two franchises are fighting to be the best soccer simulation of the year, every year. PES games were absolutely reigning the scene for many years, but a couple of years ago, EA finally managed to make FIFA game that was more popular and better accepted than PES.

After that, the popularity of PES started to decline. So, the only one question has been asked repeatedly for years, will PES be able to reclaim the crown from FIFA 15 and become the most popular soccer game of the year, or will FIFA stay on the throne? Only the time will show, and only users will decide.

What’s your take in this? Do you think PES 2015 could be better than FIFA 15? To be honest, I always thought that PES had a major advantage with its innovative gameplay, but FIFA has improved recently with refinements applied especially to the graphics.

But if PES 2015 manages to overcome its drawbacks, then I think we’re on for  a big surprise. Sound off below with your opinion and take on this.

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