Cars 3, Incredibles 2: What do we Know so Far About Release Dates

Pixar  and Disney are preparing something great for us. Sequels of two ultra-popular animated feature films are on the horizon, and we’re so excited to announce that. The sequel of “The Incredibles” and the third installment of “Cars” franchise are under development, and they will hit big screens in the future.


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Disney Chairman and CEO,  Robert A. Iget has recently revealed that Pixar is preparing the third installment of the popular movie, “Cars”. Along with “Cars”, the studio is preparing the sequel of 2004’s superhero hit “The Incredibles”. The announcement of  these two movies has been made at this year’s meeting of shareholders and D23 Members during Pixar’s annual meeting in Portland, Oregon.

The original “Cars” movie was released in 2006, and it was directed by John Lasseter.  The movie featured voices of some famous actors,  such as Owen Wilson, Larry the Cable the Guy, Bonnie Hunt, Paul Newman and many more.

A sequel, “Cars 2” was released in 2011, and it was as popular as the original,  for sure. Disneytoon Studios have also created a spinoff, “Planes,” which was released last year. Disneytoon also released a sequel to that movie, “Planes: Fire & Rescue” on July 18 this year. Apparently, “Cars 3” will be developed by Pixar directly.

On the other hand,  a sequel to “The Incredibles” has been much anticipated and requested by fans for almost ten years, and the original movie writer/director Brad Bird said that he would love to make another adventure of the super hero family, but only if it has a really great story behind it.

There’s still no exact information about Bird’s involvement,  but it is for certain that he’ll stay closely attached to Disney. Bird’s next movie, the live-action” Tomorrowland” comes to the theaters on May 22,  2015. We would love to hear your thoughts about these highly anticipated movies, what do you expect from them and what would you like to watch,  so express yourselves in the comment section below.

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