The New Volvo XC90 to be Premiered at Paris Car Show in October

Volvo has presented the second model of Volvo XC90, which will replace the current model after nearly twelve years. The company expects much from this model, and the time will show will this amazing vehicle meet the expectations.

volvo xc90

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The new XC90 is a yield of three years work of people from Volo, and a part of investing program worth $11 million, said the company. Besides the completely new design, the XC90 brings a brand new SPA platform, which will be the model for future SUVs of this manufacturer.

Volvo claims that the XC90 offers the most comprehensive and technologically most sophisticated standard security pack in today’s car industry. In case of veering, the car detects what happens and automatically tightens seatbelts on the front seats, in order to keep passengers in as secure position as possible. Volvo XC90 also has a technology of automatic braking which is very effective in car crashes.

The new XC90 is available with various customizable equipment, which allows the owner to completely personalize the vehicle. There are two standard style packages of the exterior. Urban Luxury package, which combines body elements of the vehicle with details of polished, stainless steel with exclusive 21-inch aluminum wheels, which complements the elegant look of this version.

Different from Urban Luxury package, the Rugged Luxury package offers the robust look of the car with black body elements and simple 22-inch wheels.

Palette of the engines features two-cylinder, turbo-charged, gasoline and diesel aggregates, as well as the hybrid “plug-in” model. The standard version of the new Volvo XC90 will be equipped with 2.0 liter, Drive-E four-cylinder turbo-charged engine of 257 horsepowers and 350 Nm. The less powerful diesel engine will produce 193 hp and 400 Mn of maximum torque.

Volvo XC90 for 2015 will have its world premiere at Paris car show, at the beginning of October, and it will come in stores in early 2015, when we’ll have more information about the prices.

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