Amazon’s Fire Phone Sales are RIDICULOUS so Far

Amazon expected so much from its handset, Fire Phone, but it seems that thing are different than expected. An reputable British magazine, The Guardian recently did a research about how much people use Fire Phone and how many devices have been sold.


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Amazon’s Fire Phone was launched in July, and was presented as “the next big thing in smartphones”.  Amazon introduced the new way of 3d Dynamic Perspective with its multiple front cameras, which was definitely innovative compared to other smartphones.

But besides all of that, it was reported that Amazon sold “only” 35,000 units since the release of the device, we have this information from a report by The Guardian.

These info isn’t official, because Amazon never reveals sales figures of any device made by the company, so The Guardian collected these information from Chitika, a company which analyses smartphone-based online ad impressions, generated by its own network.

Chitika reported that the Fire Phone only accounted for 0.02 per cent of activity in the 20 days after its release. By calculating info collected by Chitika, with reports from comScore, the company that collects monthly data on US smartphone users, staff from The Guardian was able to get the approximately number of devices sold during this period.

Selling of 35,000 units is a really small amount, compared to Apple, which sold nine million iPhone devices during the first week after device’s release, and Samsung’s 11 million Galaxy S5 devices sold during the first month of smartphone’s availability. Actually, Guardian’s report doesn’t point to the number of Fire Phones sold, but to the number of how many of them are actually in use.

If we assume, based on the data Guardian collected, that only 35,000 Fire Phones are in use, probably not many more devices have been sold. So if this is near the true sales figure, it is a big disappointment for Amazon.

The device comes with a high price, and features that were described as ‘revolutionary’, so this this turn of events definitely wasn’t expected. It is going to be hard for Amazon to revive its smartphone, and save anything that can be saved.

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