The New Mac Could Get Released by The End of The Year

Releasing computers in the last part of the year si not Apple’s style, not even after some refreshment have been done. But, there are some reports around the internet claiming that Apple is working with suppliers to manufacture a new line of Mac computers.


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Rumors are not precise enough, and only information about the new line of laptop computers is about their size. Sources clam that Apple plans to release thinner MacBook by the end of 2014, or the beginning of 2015.

Taiwanese companies already begun to produce the components, but we don’t have more details about that. Reports around the internet also believe that MacBook Pro (which is 0.7 inches thin) will be retired by the end of the year. But is looks very unlikely, because Apple released the retina MacBook Pro 29 days ago, and the average for a new computer cycle is over 259.

Much more likely is the release of the new MacBook Air, which was upgraded last time in April 2014. Apple still has to improve this device by adding a retina display and a low-powered processor.

The average renewal cycle for MacBook Air is around 337 day, and we are only on the half of the way. Apple is facing progress in sells, compared to last year. The company sold up to 4.41 million Macs, which is 7 percent more than last year.

Eventually, MacBook Air became one of the most popular Apple’s laptops, beating the competition of other manufacturers’ laptops. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait a little more for the next-gen Apple laptops, because they were pushed back for almost a year due a delay of Intel’s Broadwell Chip.

There’s also a possibility of Apple switching from Intel CPUs to ARM architecture. An A9 CPU, Apple’s own product would increase Apple’s chances of becoming more independent, and not to depend on big chipset manufacturers, like Intel. Changing of CPUs could be a problem for developers, because that will mean that they need to re-write the apps to be compatible with the new chipset.

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