10 Great iOS Games You May Not Know

There’s a great deal of focus on gaming apps lately, with independent developers and gaming companies alike consistently coming out with incredibly addictive material. Indeed, from old classics, to social gaming phenomenons, there’s simply a lot out there in app gaming. And the result of this is that it can be difficult to stay up-to-date with what’s fun and interesting. So to help out with this dilemma, here are 10 great iOS games you may not be aware of.

    1. Plants vs. Zombies 2 – If you don’t know this one yet, you will. PvZ was one of the most popular app games of all time, and now there’s a brand new (free!) 2nd version. It’s toward the top of the charts, but worth mentioning as many haven’t noticed it there yet.
    2. Sonic Dash – This game might shock you in its similarity to the Sonic the Hedgehog games of old – you know, the ones we played on our handheld Sega devices. Graphics are sharp, gameplay is smooth, and it’s a bit nostalgic.
    3. Dragon Eternity – Looking for a dynamic MMORPG style app game with excellent graphics? Look no further than Dragon Eternity.
    4. Pitfall! – It’s a shock this free game hasn’t become more popular, as it’s essentially a version of Temple Run with a bit more variety in game action.
    5. Bloons TD Battles – “Bloons” is a popular online and app series of tower defense games, but in “Battles” the format takes a twist. Play alongside a friend to see who can hold off the bloon onslaught longest.
    6. Dead Trigger – There’s a lot of enthusiasm out there for zombie shooters. Just consider how popular the zombie mode on Call of Duty games is! Dead Trigger brings the action to your smart phone in full-on, sharp quality, zombie corpse-piling detail.
    7. Poker In Play – This is one of many casino style apps from the BetFair online casino, and puts a new angle on app poker. With this game you bet not on your own hand’s strength, but on picking the winner among several hands.
    8. The Curse – The only paid game on this list, The Curse is a series of quizzes built within the simple but amusing plot line of an evil entity released upon the world who can only be trapped again if the quizzes are completed.
    9. Hidden Wonders Of The Depths – If you’re into Mahjong, Bejeweled, and Candy Crush Saga, this is a hidden game to check out. Somehow it’s buried in the app store, but it may be the most varied and entertaining of all these line-up puzzle games.
    10. Sky Burger – This is a cartoonish, simple, and wildly addicting game. Catch ingredients falling from the sky to build burgers to order – as you advance levels, the burgers get trickier.

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