Qualcomm launches its own smartwatch called Toq

While Samsung was busy showing off its new smartwatch called the Galaxy Gear which only works with Samsung devices, Qualcomm’s CEO and President, Dr Paul Jacobs unveiled the company’s own smartwatch at its annual Uplinq event in San Diego.

The new Qualcomm smartwatch is called Taq (pronounced Talk) and it is aimed as a companion wearable device to a smartphone. The key feature of this device is the always-on Mirasol display which will provide days of battery life.

Qualcomm Toq does not have a camera like the Galaxy Gear smartwatch, but it is equipped with an accelerometer and a mic. It connects to a smartphone using Buletooth and can be charged wirelessly. Users can also buy a pair of wireless Bluetooth headsets which can charge wirelessly when kept in its case.

Toq will feature multiple watch faces and it will show weather, call records and messages, calendar and music. The Qualcomm Toq does not have any buttons, not even a power button. Qualcomm has announced that it will launch a SDK which will enable developers to create apps.

Qualcomm Toq 2

Qualcomm hopes that it will be able to pass this on to its hardware partners who will be able to enter the wearable devices market. The device will finally be the product category that will make Qualcomm’s Mirasol displays a lot relevant.

The Qualcomm Toq will soon be available for purchase online.

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