Xiaomi MIUI 9 Takes Things to the Next Level with these Cool Features

There are many Chinese smartphone manufacturers who are trying to make it big in the tech world but none of them is doing it like Xiaomi. This Chinese based tech giant used to be known as “the Apple of China” but now things have changed since Xiaomi managed to step out of Apple’s shadow and create a name for itself. Furthermore, another thing that makes Xiaomi so much different from other tech companies which are known to meddle with smartphones is the fact that Xiaomi decided to create its own UI.


There are basically two rules to smartphones, they either run on Android OS or iOS. Well, it seems like Xiaomi isn’t having none of that since MIUI is nothing like the aforementioned operating systems. Xiaomi’s user interface is completely different from what we’re used to seeing and this is a great thing since it brings a little diversity to the table.


Xiaomi knows too well that many people enjoy using their smartphones for different purposes at the same time and this is why multitasking is so important. This is the reason why MIUI 9 features a split-screen mode which significantly enhances any smartphone’s multitasking capabilities.

Lock Screen Features

The lock screen interface is very important because that’s what people stare at every time they want to check out what’s happening with their phone. Well, Xiaomi decided to enhance this experience by giving MIUI 9 users the ability to swipe from the left on the lock screen and receive access to a new menu. The aforementioned menu shows MIUI 9 users every smart device that is connected to the device such as Xiaomi’s Mi Remote or Mi Home.

Smart Assistant

Xiaomi paid close attention to what makes Google’s Android special and decided to take a few tips from there such as the Smart Assistant. MIUI 9 users can simply swipe from left on the home screen and they will be able to get all the information they need from Xiaomi’s Smart Assistant.

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