Xbox One X Pre-Orders Available Starting Tomorrow According to Xbox CEO

We have some bad news and good news for Xbox fans today. First, let’s start with the good news. Phil Spencer who is the head of Xbox hinted on Twitter that Microsoft’s next-gen console might be available for pre-orders starting tomorrow. On the down side of things, Phil Spencer also announced that the highly anticipated Crack Down 3 will not come out until spring 2018.

Xbox One X

Microsoft has been working on this device for a couple of years now and it has even dubbed it as “the most powerful console in the world”. Xbox One X runs games in native 4K resolution, features 8-core Custom AMD processors which clock at 2.3GHz and it also ships with the whopping amount of 12GB GDDR5 of graphics memory. Things get even better because Microsoft claims that Xbox One X’s game graphics are faster and more detailed than what we’re used to see. Nonetheless, the console will start shipping on November 7th and we might be able to put in our pre-orders starting tomorrow.

Crack Down 3

This is an Xbox One X exclusive title that went into production back in 2014 and it was supposed to launch alongside Xbox One X. However, it seems like Microsoft is running into some problems and wants to postpone its launch date. Shannon Loftis who is Microsoft Studios Publishing general stated the following regarding Crack Down 3: “We want to make sure to deliver the right game, with the right quality, and at the right time”.

While the game’s postponed launch might not sound like such a big deal, it actually plays a major role in Xbox One X’s launch success. Because Crack Down 3 will not be available right from the start, Xbox One X fans won’t have anything to play. Obviously they will be able to play older games that have been enhanced to run on 4K graphics but it’s not quite the same as an exclusive Xbox One X title that’s been specially designed to use more hardware power.

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