Xbox One X Leak Reveals Special Project Scorpio Themed Console

Microsoft recently announced that it wants to unveil additional information about where and when people can pre-orders Xbox One X next week during Gamescom. However, Microsoft omitted something quite important. A bunch of German retailers made the mistake of listing a surprise Xbox One X Project Scorpio Special Edition on their websites. Microsoft quickly noticed this and put down the listings but it was too late since they were already spotted.

Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition

As many of you might already know, Xbox One X was initially known as Project Scorpio. This was the next-gen console’s codename and Microsoft decided to opt in for Xbox One X instead. Well, it looks like there will be a day one edition which will pay homage to the codename. We should also mention that this wouldn’t be the first time that Microsoft launches a special day one edition device. Back in 2013 when the original Xbox One was launched, it was accompanied by a limited edition which featured a unique controller.

Custom Paint Job

Even though Microsoft has yet to confirm the special Project Scorpio console, the listing showed us that it will feature a custom paint job alongside the Scorpio branding logo on the controller and console. The hardware parts will be exactly the same as Xbox One X but there will be one difference though. Project Scorpio’s hardware will ship in a custom all-black color scheme.

Launch Date Issues

Xbox One X is scheduled to come out on November 7th and that’s when the special Project Scorpio console will also start shipping. However, Microsoft has to deal with a serious issue before the console is launched since Crack Down 3’s launch date has been postponed. This means that there won’t be any enhanced games that Xbox One X owners can play and this might affect the console’s sales.

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